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About Us

Premium Quality with Comfort and Affordable Price

Experience a truly revolutionary and immersive sound experience

The MYKSOUND is an innovative audio brand that combines the best of premium quality materials with comfort and durability and affordable price. Our tech produces a true crystal clear sound that will make you feel like your at a live performance.

Our Origins
Ever since the beginning, we have maintained the goal of revolutionizing the listening experience. In our search for a more advanced way to enjoy music, we developed the MYKSOUND collection to deliver lossless sound quality, active noise cancelling and a powerful wireless capability. By combining those three benefits into a premium quality design, we have built a superior product that is taking the market by storm. From our humble beginnings in the research and development phase, we have come so far. Now, every product we offer comes with truly inventive technologies and eloquent designs that change the verb associated with audio from hear to feel.

When You Want The Extraordinary, You Choose MYKSOUND
MYKSOUND has released a Truly Wireless K01 in early 2020. We are preparing release more affordable true wireless earbuds soon.